Should i buy the new Prusa MK4 3D-Printer?

About three years ago, I bought my first Prusa MK3S, second-hand. Unfortunately, there were a few delivery issues, and the part was quite bent, making it quite a challenge to start printing initially. After some service work (replacing guides and spindles, tensioning the Y-belt), however, the printing experience was as smooth as everyone claims it to be with Prusa printers.

This year, Prusa surprised us with the MK4, and in my opinion, it brings some upgrades over the MK3S that are truly worth considering an upgrade to this new version.

So, I did it! I sold off the old printer quite decently on and purchased a new one. My engineer’s heart demanded the kit version, as that’s the best way to learn how the thing functions and how it’s built.

Three days ago, the printer arrived, and I could hardly wait to start assembling it. And what can I say? It was better than claimed everywhere:

  • The instructions provided via the Prusa Wiki are perfect, and practically anyone can assemble the printer with them.
  • All necessary tools and aids are included in the kit, so no extra tools are needed.
  • The division of components into individual bags, the labeling of these bags, and the level of detail in the instructions -> Perfect!
  • Prusa even developed an app that assesses belt tension using the microphone (you vibrate the fully assembled belt, and the sound helps determine whether it’s too tight or too loose). I understand that this is feasible and not exactly rocket science, but still a cool feature!
  • They even include a bag of gummy bears 🥰.

You really need to take about two days to get everything together, but it’s a delight. In short, after two days of assembly and subsequent test printing, there were ZERO problems.

By now, I’m already on the tenth consecutive print, without ever encountering an issue or problem. I definetly recommend the upgrade to the new MK4 and opting for the kit version (which is also about €250 cheaper); it pays off, and the assembly is enjoyable!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,

Yours sincerely, Seesle

PS: This is not a paid advertisement or anything; I myself pondered for a long time about upgrading from the MK3S (after hours of watching YouTube influencers).